Our 93.3FM radio station is live


Celebrating our successful next step in informing the public!     Our 93.3FM radio station is live, and is doing better than our wildest plans!!!

During our fist first week on the live airways, our listener response had been over the top.   We have call-ins, in studio guests, chatroom participation and we could not be more pleased.

What this immediate and enthusiastic support point’s to, is the DEMAND and DESIRE of the public to get the real news, unfiltered by the trifecta of the disinformation machine (Local Government, Modesto Bee, and Powerful People of means).

As we move into the new media, we will continue to learn and develop… look for video chat coming soon.

We are going to do what the Bee will not – we are going to shed the light and name names and deeds of those stealing our American Heritage.

  • Listen to FM 93.3
  • Listen by calling (605) 477-5071
  • Listen online from your computer or iPhone by going to valleymedia.org/kgig and click on listen.  You can also download Android and Blackberry Apps.  You can also live chat.
  • If you would like to call into the show and participate – the guest call-in number is (209) 846-1814

Coming soon – live video chat.   Stay tuned….

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