State of Domo Address

In a highly anticipated State of DOMO address, CEO Josh Bridegroom will be sharing the great work that DoMo has done as well as promising an informative and inspirational night.

josh-bridegroomTickets will be provided to some citizens, however most citizens who are only “part of the general community”, will have to pay for the privilege”.  With Interim Modesto City Manager Joe Lopez and County CEO Jody Hayes presenting, taxpaying citizens will most certainly be grateful for opportunity to open their wallets.

Details on Bridegrooms speech are vague, but we will be watching with anticipation to see how the vison – free of the undesirable homeless, enforced by a private police force, are being executed in the utopian 1-mile carve out.

For those taxpayers unable gain seating at this exclusive event featuring policy presentations from Government officials, we will be reporting on the exciting revelations of the night.

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