UPDATE: DA Investigator Steve Jacobson slaps camera out of attorney’s hand

DA Investigator Jacobson

Initial story date – December 10, 2013 by Mayor Carmen Sabatino UPDATE Dec 10, 2017

DA Investigator Jacobson

Attorney Frank Carson took the above photo from a distance. In the background is District Attorney Brad Nix.DA Investigator Jacobson

This above photo was taken by Carson as Jacobson approached him. At that point Jacobson slapped the camera out of Carson’s hand.

Carson made a citizen’s arrest and Sheriffs deputies took Jacobson’s gun from him. He retrieved the gun before he left.

As usual, nothing came from this incident. The civil lawsuit may hold Jacobson accountable in some way.

DA investigators, Jacobson and bunch have spent millions of dollars investigating and prosecuting cases. Cases that have eventually fallen apart. They are responsible to District Attorney Birgit Fladager.

Below is the reporting from the Modesto Bee on the incident

Lawyer files civil suit against Stanislaus County

Published: September 6, 2013

By Bee Staff Reports — local@modbee.com

MODESTO — A Modesto lawyer who said he was attacked in a courthouse by a prosecution investigator three years ago has filed a civil rights lawsuit against Stanislaus County.

Steve Jacobson, a district attorney investigator, “went ballistic and lunged” at Frank Carson, a criminal defense attorney, when Carson attempted to take Jacobson’s picture in February 2010, says the lawsuit, filed through a San Francisco lawyer.

Carson’s camera went tumbling down a hallway, the document says, and the attorney “felt constrained in his movement and from further action without the permission of Jacobson under the penalty of imposition of further physical force or formal arrest.”

Carson suffered “shock, humiliation and outrage,” the lawsuit says, calling the alleged assault “oppressive and outrageous and not to be tolerated in a civilized society.”

At the time, officials in the Sheriff’s Department, which staffs courthouse security, said they investigated but did not believe a crime was committed.

In July 2010, Carson filed a $75,000 civil rights claim against Stanislaus County. Such claims often are precursors to lawsuits.


UPDATE: Mayor subpoenaed by the attorney representing Stanislaus County, John R. Whitefleet in the case against the County of Stanislaus and Steve Jacobson.  This is curious as the Mayor has already been deposed twice.  The possible effect of this subpoena will be to prevent the Mayor from following the case from inside the courtroom.   Note, that a representative of the Back Story will be following the case regardless.  See next page.

Subpoena of Modesto Mayor

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